Inspired* new blog design

Okay, so my blog design mirrors another, probably better-coded site, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? And if that other blog has a problem with my appropriation of certain elements of its design, some from there should contact me, and I’ll go back to the ho-hum white and gray old version of this site. Until then, I’m going to enjoy working with and tweaking this new design.

Call this “Hypercrit 6.0.” (Wow, I can’t believe I’ve redesigned this site six times — that I’ve counted.)


Slow weekend

Blogging has been put more or less on hold this weekend, as I have actually been opening a printed monograph or two instead of huddling over my laptop’s keyboard. Don’t worry. I’m sure this is just a phase. I’ll be back with vigor on Monday.

Until then, you can always enjoy all the bookmarks and links I save to either or I have manage to maintain those a bit this weekend.

Welcome to post number 300!

I know 300 posts isn’t really a significant milestone in the blogging world, but it’s taken me, a casual and unpaid blogger who posts a few times a week at most, a long time to get here. Given that, I feel somewhat justified in taking a moment to reflect on where this blog has been and, maybe, on where it’s going to go. Besides that, it’s the holidays, the perfect time for a little reflection — something I don’t do quite enough of.

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I upgraded to WordPress 2.7, and so far I’m really impressed. I didn’t get into the beta testing or anything like that. I did little more than look at the wireframes before today, but I have to say, the interface is pretty sweet. I’ll explore it over the next few days.

TypePad for Journalists

I received my registration code for the TypePad for Journalists program yesterday and took the time to set up my free pro level account.

I come to TypePad and the entire MoveableType system as a novice. Long ago, I made some fundamental choices when it came to blogging software, and WordPress won. For years and years I have faithfully used WordPress for every original blog that I have put together.

My fling with TypePad is just that, a fling. Let it never be said I passed up an opportunity for free stuff.

Besides, I’m not all that impressed with TypePad. It feels too polished, too user-friendly to be of any use to me. I like WordPress. I can see some of its nuts and bolts and screw with them at my leisure.

I may play with the TypePad blog for a while, but don’t expect me to be changing CMSs any time soon.

To excerpt or not to excerpt

A thought occurs to me. Is it better to excerpt your blog posts on the home page, essentially giving the reader a little teaser that he then follows to the article’s page; or do we throw the entire text of the article onto the home page and be done with it?

Maybe if I had advertisements on this site, I would care more about page visits, and therefore, I would have an incentive to get people to visit as many pages on this site as possible by showing the teasers on the home page. But I have no ads.

So while I like the look of a page full of excerpts leading to the full articles — it looks so very newspapery, is it good blog practice to make a visitor click through?