“Coraline” review dust-up

The “Sunday Paper,” a weekly paper based in Atlanta, Ga., likely didn’t expect the Web traffic that its site has received this weekend. It’s all thanks to a movie review by Editor-in-Chief Kevin Moreau, in which Moreau draws a few too many connections between the movie “Coraline” and director Tim Burton. The problem is this: Tim Burton isn’t connected to “Coraline,” not at all.

Neil Gaiman, the author of the book “Coraline,” noted Moreau’s review in his Twitter feed, which has been filled with “Coraline” release notes lately — basically Gaiman writing about how tired he is from all the promotions and parties and premiere events he’s had to attend. Gaiman’s Twitter fans took one look at Moreau’s review and started filling its comments section with “uh… FAIL” messages and jokes at the expense of Moreau’s writing experience and the paper’s fact-checking thoroughness.

No whisper of a correction from the paper yet, by the way, but I’ll be checking in to see tomorrow morning.