Bad, bad copy

I was browsing some media coverage of a story that I wrote about for our university’s magazine when I came across this article. It is posted to the Web site of the ABC affiliate near Kennewick, Wash., KVEW-42.

I don’t know if reporter Matt Haugen wrote this himself as Web text or whether it’s some sort of transcript of his video coverage (not linked to the online text), but when a professional newsman will publish anything this poorly written, I start to wonder why we worry about the unprofessionalism of bloggers and citizen journalists. I know he’s not a print journalist and writing isn’t his primary trade, but come on! The last paragraph is made up a fragment for crying out loud.

I quote the story in its entirety. The original is here.

WALLULA — Drilling has began on a carbon dioxide experiment at the Boise paper mill near Wallula.

The drilling is part of a Battelle proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by storing it under ground.

What makes the Wallula area a good location is all the basalt rock in the region.

In lab tests, basalt has shown to hold CO2 molecules.

"This project represents one of the technologies in our tool kit in terms of capturing CO2 and permanently and safely storing it in deep geologic formations" said Pete McGrail.

Once drilling is completed, Battelle and Boise will analyze data.

The goal is to test dump CO2 into the ground to determine if the rock will hold the molecules.

That work could happen by summer 2009.

If permits are issued by the department of ecology.