One benefit of maintaining a homemade news site

I’ve been maintaining a little homemade news summary site for myself. I visit my local newspapers’ and television stations’ Web sites, read their stories and summarize the news for myself. Then I post it to this little blog – no more than three paragraphs per summary, less if I can help it.

The benefit of this: I’m becoming much more well-versed in what’s going on in the community around me. I guess I just needed a little more of a push than plain old civic engagement provided. I needed to do something with the news in order to actually motivate myself to read it.


2 thoughts on “One benefit of maintaining a homemade news site

  1. Brilliant!
    Imagine if some local newspaper were clever enough to buy the rights to put this on the front page of their Print edition. Or if the AP were clever enough to syndicate. I'm thinking three paragraph summaries – yours look great – with links to the web.Then 3 pages of one or two stories in some depth (assuming that they could do that). Then 10 pages of edited advertisement for local businesses., say $200 per full page.

    I would pay 50 cents to get that object every day. I can always surf the net for news.

  2. Yes, my wife (who I suspect is the only local other than me who knows the site exists) thinks it's great — much easier for her to stop by my site than try to sort through the newspaper and TV Web sites.

    I'm not sure about the legality of what I'm doing, though I am protected by the fact that the summaries are mine — made from publicly available stories only — and that I'm not making a thin dime off of the site.

    Good idea for a money-maker, by the way.

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