I hate Internet Explorer

Apparently, if you look at this site in Internet Explorer, the newest version, the name “Hypercrit” at the top of the page is massive, gargantuan. It shouldn’t be. No other earthly browser displays the name like that, because that heading’s size is clearly marked out in the stylesheet – I should know; I’m the one who marked it out, after all.

Also, why in the hell does IE have tabs now yet insist on opening every address I type into the address bar IN A NEW WINDOW? What is the point of tabs if the program automatically opens a new window whenever I type “google.com”?

I don’t use IE willingly, mind you. I thought I would check the site out in the browser since it’s sitting on my work PC unused all the time. I felt sorry for the old guy, briefly. But after trying to navigate the labyrinthine and almost nonsensical arrangement of the preferences window, I have decided that I shall never again open IE, unless I have no other choice.


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