Roll my own news site

My attention span has been somewhat divided lately, as I have started a new blog to summarize the news from my town and region.

I grew sick of not having all the news I want to read in one place and of my local news outlets not having the sense to syndicated their content with RSS feeds so that I could roll my own little Yahoo Pipes feed. Also, Google News is worthless for Bozeman, Mont. It mostly pulls in all the news I’ve already read and misses half the stories I might find by looking just a bit harder.

So I started a simple little blog called the Bozeman Post. I read the news and write little summaries of it – no longer than three short paragraphs. Add a link to the original and voila! A spiffy little news site – no ads, no images, RSS and a simple layout. It’s just what I wanted.

Oh, and if you’re a local or if you’re just interested in reading it, take this into consideration: I have a job and a life. I’m maintaining the site as a hobby, so sometimes I might not update it. Oh well.

Oh, and another thing. Yes, I am thinking about using a social bookmarking service like Delicious to do this automatically in the form of a link roll or something like that. So far, I haven’t decided whether I want to do that or not. It might be easier than what I do now, though I’d still have to spend the time writing the summaries.


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