Comment snobbery

Do you comment more on blogs that make it easy to comment? I think the answer to that question has to be yes. But as I looked at my Disqus comment list today, I realized that most of the comments I have actually made on blogs in the past month have been made on blogs that use the Disqus engine — and most of those comments have been made on Louis Gray’s blog, for some reason. I don’t know, I guess his writing is just commentable or something…

Anyhow, what I’m wondering is this: Do any of you out there in the great big blogosphere find that you are commenting more on sites that use these comment aggregation systems, such as Disqus or InstateDebate?

If you do find yourself commenting more on one of those sites, then I wonder if you also find yourself commenting mostly on sites that use that particular comment system. In other words, has the advent of such cross-site services broadened your blog commenting or narrowed it?


3 thoughts on “Comment snobbery

  1. My experience is that the expectation that all comments can be aggregated and stored has made me focus more on what I say and who I say it to. It's a nice example of transparent searchable storage to allow the rules of discourse to evolve in a positive direction.

  2. I can definitely see that. I know Disqus displays my comments, from all Disqus blogs, in one place. If I have been an idiot over and over again on a number of blogs, it would show up worse when viewed as a list like that.

    Of course, I'm focusing here on the negative feedback…

  3. Not sure about negative…the only thing I've seen is that it takes a couple of minutes to sign in. I think it's a feature, not a bug. Focuses the mind.

    Just another cent. The “public filing cabinet + search” function changes the focus from the blogger to the commenter. I think it would be really cool if someone could entangle some elected representative to do the same. it would go a long way to keeping the spin and bs under control.

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