I’m the future of journalism because…

436556994_8b5f381430_mI’m intrigued by the question that Publish2 asked in its recent contest. The Web site, which offers tools for newsrooms to help them take advantage of the growing field called “link journalism,” wanted journalists to finish the sentence “I’m the future of journalism because…” Entrants were encouraged to submit their responses as text, video, images, slideshows or whatever other form they liked. It was not supposed to be an example of the journalist’s resume; rather, it was supposed to be a statement.

All that awkward past tense writing aside (it felt awkward anyhow), the contest is closed now. I knew about it before the deadline and probably could have come up with some entry, but it was the holidays, I was both busy and lazy (not at the same time, mostly). Still, the question intrigues me, obviously because I see myself as the future of journalism — just like everybody else in the media blogosphere does.

So I’m going to answer the question. Not now, of course. I have to think about this, put something together, something relatively polished. But I”ll come out with it sometime this week or the next. Stay tuned.

(Image by inju)


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