Delicious or Diigo?

A year or two ago, I decided that the bookmarking tools built in to my browser, Firefox, didn’t do enough for me. So I opted to start using Delicious. It kept all my bookmarks in one place, and I didn’t have to be on the same computer to use them. Plus, I could apply copious tags to my bookmarks. I have watched first plugins and then Firefox itself add this feature to the browser over the years.

Then I watched a video on YouTube by Michael Wesch. The video is awesome, but that’s beside the point here. In the video, I saw Wesch highlighting things online and annotating them. A free-frame of the video revealed to me that he was using the bookmarking service Diigo.

I tried out Diigo, found it lacking, and moved on. Then Delicious came out with its pretty, simple, elegant site redesign. I love it. But… I missed that ability to take detailed notes and highlight my saved pages. So recently I reinstalled Diigo’s Firefox plugin and have been using it religiously — though I have told Diigo to port all of my bookmarks into Delicious so that they’re mirrored at that site.

Here’s the deal. Diigo seems to offer all the features Delicious does and more, but I’m still unsure whether I want to move into using only Diigo. What do you all think? Do you use a social bookmarking site to store your reads? Which ones? Do you prefer Diigo to Delicious? Advice?


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