Computer in the shop: Day 4

3086921799_faa5c294c5_mI just got word from the repair guy: The computer works just fine for him, just freakin’ fine. It acts really funny when he tries to boot from an external device connected via firewire or USB, but by themselves, the battery and power adapter and laptop work just fine.

So he’s ordered a new logic board for the laptop. Of course, it’s near the holidays, meaning that shipping times are all screwy. The board might get here on Monday, or it might not. It just depends. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong with it yet so he’s taking what he refers to as the “shotgun approach.” That is, he’ll start with one major component and if that’s not the issue, he’ll move on to another one until he discovers the problem.

At least I’ll get to have my computer out on parole over the weekend, as it seems to be working just fine at the moment. I’m going to pick the MBP up in about 2 hours. It will be nice to have him back home, even if it’s just temporarily.

(Photo by benjibot, used under Creative Commons license.)


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