What I’d like to see…

‘d like to see a feature added to Evernote that would allow me to publish to WordPress, Delicious or Twitter from within the Evernote desktop application. That would really streamline my day-to-day work, since I’ve more or less married Evernote now.

I know you can “publish” your Evernote notebooks, but they appear only on the Evernote site. Yes, they have RSS feeds, but I’m not interested in pulling out an RSS, reparsing it and having to go through a rigamarole to get what I want posted to my blog.

Okay, Mr. Smart Guy. I know I could just use Google Docs. I think I even remember some rudimentary tagging feature built in to it, though I could be wrong on that. But you know, I don’t trust Google Docs completely yet. I admit it; I haven’t yet placed all my eggs into the Cloud. (Plus, Google Docs doesn’t react well with my blog — adds all kinds of funny formatting I don’t like.)

The beauty of Evernote is that it has the desktop apps. (The Mac version is freaking awesome.) The desktop versions are fast and store local copies of what I’m working on, which means I can easily continue working without Internet access. (I think I remember Google adding this feature… can’t be sure without the tedious chore of visiting a different Web page than the one I’m on.)

So forget about suggesting alternatives to me if they come from 37Signals (I don’t want to pay) and Google (I’m just being stubborn). I’m committed to Evernote, like I said.

And that said, I guess what I’d like to see is a collaborative version of Evernote (essentially like Google Docs but with the Evernote sticker on it).


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