New Trek trailer

I, like many people around the world, have now seen the trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, which is scheduled to be released in May 2009. Many people are up in arms about the trailer — the whole movie, in fact. That’s because it takes us back to the Original Series era with Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the gang. People are upset that J.J. Abrams is a professed Star Wars fan. People are upset because new actors have resumed the old roles. People are upset because William Shatner’s not making a cameo in the film. People are upset because the new Enterprise doesn’t appear to have enough space between the saucer section and the nacelles. Whatever.

Regardless of all that, the trailer is awesome. You can read descriptions of it all over the Web. I’m not going to describe it for you. I’m sure you intrepid souls who surf the wild ‘Net can find it on your own, or you can read a review of it. All I can say is that’s it’s got shades of Top Gun and other movies in it, and it just looks cool. There are some very large buildings way off in the distance behind Kirk as he rides along a rural highway on his motorbike that… intrigue me.


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