The Great Twitter Experiment of Late 2008

As followers of this blog — you few, proud people — already know, I have restarted my Twitter account and am attempting to make some use out of it. This little experiment of mine has been going on for two days now, and I’m finding it much more enjoyable than the first time, mostly because other people I know are actually using Twitter now.

This has been my problem for some time now. I’m an early adopter. I read the tech blogs, find the next cool thing that just went into beta, sign up for an account and explore. Usually, I don’t spend much time with these startups because they are in beta and no one else is really using them yet. (This happened for me and Twine, for example.)

Yet this time is different. Twitter has “matured,” just as Facebook has. And by matured, I mean that millions and millions of people have started using it, most importantly, people I know personally. That adds a lot to the social networking experience — you know, actually connecting with people you have met in real life.

So the Twitter experiment goes on. Perhaps this time it will last.


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