Tools of the trade

In my never-ending search for online tools that will work between my Mac laptop, my iPod Touch and my Windows desktops at work and home, I have come across dozens of applications and Web sites that I think might work until I lose interest in them and move on. Usually, moving on means “manually” shuffling information back and forth between folders on my hard drive and my Exchange inbox.

Well, today I’m giving EverNote a try. I dismissed the program when it was in beta, saying to myself, “Self, what the hell would you ever use this for?” Yet I have come back to the site after finding that my needs have not been met by other programs like Google sites, homespun wikis and blogs and even 37signals’ Highrise software.

Oh, you want me to describe what it is that I want software to do. Well, everything, I guess. I’m not really sure. I know I need some sort of organization solution, some sort of all-in-one holy grail of organization and productivity apps. You know, just a simple goal like that.

So anyone else out there have stories to share about EverNote?


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