A plethora of posts

Andrew Sullivan caught my eye after I picked up the latest, redesigned, issue of the Atlantic with his article “Why I Blog.” The article refreshed me, reminded me that blogging can be cathartic and fun and that I shouldn’t worry about writing masterpieces with each post. Writing blog posts, he argues, should be more human than that, more personal, a direct line between author and reader where conversations can actually happen. Let the mistakes flow. Fix ’em with another post and let God sort them out.

So, like a good netizen, I added Sullivan’s RSS feed to my feed reader and prepared to be pleased with his writing. It seems funny now ā€” and maybe I’m the last one to get this joke ā€” but I put Sullivan’s feed under my “essays” category of RSS.

Well, day one found something like 450 new posts in that particular feed. No big deal, I thought. The software’s just catching up with all the posts still on the server. That’s probably like a month’s worth of posts, quite a few posts for a month, but maybe he’s prolific.

Understatement. Pure understatement. For you see, those 450 posts happened in the past eight days.

I have buried myself with Andrew Sullivan. Only time will tell if I can dig myself out.


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