Mass. police want 9/11 holiday

AP report: Police in Peabody, Mass., want Sept. 11 to become a paid holiday. Officers working that day would earn time-and-a-half if the department and the city agree to a new contract. The NYPD has not asked for the day to become a holiday. No officers from Peabody, located north of Boston, died in the attacks, though some officers did go to New York to help with recovery.


22 thoughts on “Mass. police want 9/11 holiday

  1. I thought the police department was supposed to work to protect their fellow man, not for greed and excuses to make money off Sept. 11th.

  2. This is why I am glad we do not have union workers in our areas. Unions are the reason good paying jobs are moving overseas. Unions began doing good then like the CEO's of the failing banks and corporations, it got too greedy. i.e. Take the government out of New Jersey labor unions and the labor unions will dissolve and prices will adjust.

  3. While everyone respects the sacrifices that where made on 9/11 for a PD department NOT in NY and only involved as others who went to help afterward is so disrespectful of those who gave so much. Obviously a pandering for more $$, not that I'm against any officer earning as appropriate. But to try and use the tragedy in such a way is shameful.

  4. What next? Will stock brokers and commodity traders want the time off since so many from Cantor Fitzgerald (et al) lost employees who wanted nothing more that day than to go to work and return to their families? And what about the Security Guards, cooks, maintenance workers, etc. and our Armed Force.. I hope the city of Peabody does the right thing and recognize that we all lost on that day – not just the police and fire fighters. And for the police union… we have to keep moving on.

  5. Thankfully, these are not typical government employees. Even many of us government employees are appalled by this one. At least all the firefighters in our station are.

  6. I think it's reprehensible to use a national tragedy as an excuse to create a paid holiday for additional benefits…greedy & thoughtless.

  7. The number 1 enforcers are yet again the number 1 offenders. Check these takers out. Can you believe your tax dollars support these losers? Did these folks even go down to assist in the efforts at ground zero? NYPD doesn't even get this day off. Do all veterans get veterans day off? We have a corrupt Government. America is like one big jail.

  8. They over-played their hand. Refuse to deal with this union and force them to disband. DO NOT NEGOTIATE!!!

  9. I would love to hear what folks from the NYPD or the NYFD have to say on this. If anyone deserves that day its them, and they should be allowed to choose if they want it or not.

  10. Trying to cash in on a national tragedy? Interesting….maybe the brainchildren behind this should go into public office – they'd fit right in in Washington, DC!

  11. Seeing that it wasnt in their state, and they lost nobody in the incident- what gives them the right?
    Also- we were caught with our pants down – the terrorist won the day. So celebrating 9/11 would be Anti-American, like we would be paying homage to the terrorist.

    We should REMEMBER 9/11 – not celebrate it !
    And by taking the day off – like we do on the 4th of July- we would be celebrating it.

    Can we all just bully out way into a holiday or extra pay?
    Hell – I'd like to take Grandparents day off.

  12. If the police get the holiday, I want the holiday or that is just job biased. Normal people on the streets helped out just as much as anyone else. Don't go cashing in on an American tragedy.

  13. This is just about as disgusting as anything I have seen in a long time.
    Is the union hoping for another attack so they can demand another day off.
    9/11 is Not a celebration-even for the unions.
    Maybe they should think about working for free on 9/11 and having the money donated to the children of parents lost on 9/11.

  14. Obama is not even in yet and they are asking for day's off. Did anybofy forget what the Democrats are all about? This is a good reminder.

  15. What kind of stupid, uneducated, ignorant remark is that?

    People like YOU are the ones destroying this country.

  16. This is ridiculous. I can't believe that the Peabody Police actually want 9/11 to become a paid holiday for them. It shouldn't matter whether or not they lost any officers in the tragedy or not. This Police Department shouldn't be using a horrible tragedy to try to get extra money. Since thousands of Americans have sacrificed so much due to the 9/11 tragedy, these officers should sacrifice their pay for that day and donate it to the many families who lost the head of household in the attack. Many families husbands or wives worked in the towers making good livings raising and supporting their families and now those families have lost that support. These officers should be ashamed of themselves. The company I used to work for lost almost 300 people in the attack and this digusts me that they want to do this. I hope someone stops this disgrace!!

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