Diggin’ on the Atlantic

I guess I can’t get over The Atlantic this week. I’ve posted two Delicious links to its articles; I actually bought the newest issue on paper, if you can believe that; and now I’m going to rave about the font choice for the mag’s redesign.

I don’t know everything about fonts, but I know a little — enough to keep me from using Times New Roman except when I absolutely have to, enough to make me always want to use my Mac laptop instead of my Windows PC at work because the fonts just look so much better in OS X.

So when I opened up the newest issue of The Atlantic and saw the body text font of the redesign, I fell in love. The body font is a form of Mercury Text, which I now know that I must acquire for my own composing purposes. Will I actually acquire it? Unlikely, as it is a genuine, designer font and costs quite a bit more than, oh, free, like most of my fonts. But I want it. I want it bad.


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