Out of touch

When it comes to my old-time hobbies and habits, like, oh, I don’t know, actually sitting down and reading all the RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to and keeping up with the worlds of technology and digital culture, I’ve been, of late, a little, um, lazy.

I have an excuse. I had a baby. Rather, my partner had a baby, but I’m still a daddy, and little Nathan takes up a lot of the time that I would otherwise have spent doing techie things. Then there’s the fact that my work — writing about engineering for a university’s public affairs office — has little to do with the digital culture this blog purports to cover and keeps me busy chasing down carbon sequestration projects and lidar research.

So instead of sitting down at my computer and actively reading the news every day, the unread count in NetNewsWire just keeps on climbing. I started the program the other day when I managed some free time, and found out that I had more than 9,000 unread items. Panic button, anyone?

What’s going on here? Why don’t I seem to care about the subjects that I wrote my thesis about in grad school? Why am I not keeping up with the fields I one day hope to teach at a college level? Why am I not out there writing books and journal articles and attending conferences and being, well, an academic?

Plenty of questions. No answers of course. Motivation’s a factor. So’s the baby crying in the other room as I try to come up with a conclusion for this post.


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