Unlimited power!

My hosting service experienced some major problems over the weekend. Perhaps this site went down for a short while; perhaps it didn’t. Oh well. It’s up now, and everything seems to be working just fine, and that’s worth the $10 per month I pay for hosting. Then something wonderful happened.

You see, I learned about the system problems from the e-mail that my hosting company sent me. In that e-mail, which informed me of a problem I didn’t know I had, I learned that my site and e-mail had all been moved to different server boxes. Okay. Fine. Now I have to update all my e-mail programs and my FTP bookmarks. I guess I’ll manage.

But there at the bottom of the message was a surprisingly generous piece of news. For the trouble they caused me, my hosting company decided to upgrade my account. So, for $10 a month, I now have unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Forever.

Wait for it.


(Oh, and I completely redesigned the site. Blah, blah, blah. I do that all the time.)


4 thoughts on “Unlimited power!

  1. I've just become interested in academic literary blogs and appreciate your mentioning the cost of your hosting service. Reading your 'About” page I learn that your thesis would make interesting reading and plan to visit again to tune in to your savvy. (Got the link from Wikipedia.)

  2. I found it on the Wikipedia page “Culture, Theory, Literature” which has as its main content a section that lists blogs on cultural studies, theory, and literature. As I recall I found the Wikipedia page by a google search containing the terms “academic literary blogs”. Or it may have been those terms in a Wikipedia search.

  3. I have bookmarked your thesis, but got lost after a detour related to your reference to Barthes' S/Z which I started reading on Wikipedia.

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