Myriad issues

I happened to poke into the archives for this blog today and found some old posts dating from when I was still in grad school. For one of my classes, I had to write response papers each week, and so I posted those papers to this blog for all the world to read.

It struck me as I zipped through those few months of posts how in-depth and academic this blog once was, and how it has fallen into near-disuse since I graduated. It’s a shame. Clearly, I need something academic to focus my mind and my writing again. I need to make posts on here ā€” essay-length posts ā€” once again, with footnotes or citations or some other academic accessories.

And so I must finish this particular post with those empty words I have used to end so many well-intentioned posts on this site: Stay tuned… (with an ellipsis; there’s always an ellipsis too).


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