New look

Well, I’ve started to fall in love with a font again. My life since the dawn of my computing age seems to be one love story after another. First it was 10-point Times on WordPad. Then I passed into my utilitarian mode, preferring 12-point Courier New. I experimented with typewriter fonts (then actual typewriters) and then settled down with Garamond. That relationship did not end well — I still can’t stand to look at that typeface.

From there, I moved onto Minion Pro, which still serves me well from time to time. Then it was Imperial, the body-text typeface used by the New York Times. Whenever I write news, that’s still the font I use.

But now, now I’ve turned a corner. It’s Georgia for me, yessir. Hence, the new look to this blog. And, blog fans, we all know what a new typeface or site redesign means: a New Year’s resolution-style promise to get back into the blogging game once again, to remaster the old habit of actually sitting down to think and write on a daily basis.

(It’s sad that I’m a writer by profession, yet I can’t seem to sit down to write for myself.)

No more. With this font redesign, I make a half-hearted promise to post regularly to this blog once again, to post interesting things that people might actually like to read, to make a new attempt at originality I haven’t made since I was an undergraduate with lots of spare time and energy on my hands.

Here’s to the future!


2 thoughts on “New look

  1. Okay, fine. It looks a bit like the New York Times online’s typography. So what? It’s pretty, and at the moment, I’m smitten. Ah, typographic-Cupid, why do you vex me so?

  2. Here is a New Year’s resolution-style promise to keep up with your blog. If you write it I will read it. Love you!

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