Okay, so a lot of people are using Twitter these days, and I admit that I’ve been lagging behind the curve on this one. I thought to myself, what’s the point of this microblogging stuff. Why post a one-line update when I could just post a real article? Well, then I started getting busy with stuff that didn’t allow me time to post long articles. My blog posting flagged, and I ended up spending more time on Facebook than in WordPress.

So now I’m looking to resuscitate this blog, and in doing that I’m looking to do as much auto-posting as possible. Right now, the blog will import my posts daily, and I’m working on importing all my other stuff too… basically I am working on making everything I share on Facebook appear here, but that will come later.

For today, I’m testing out my Twitter integration. If anyone’s reading this, expect more stuff here in the near future much of it generated by computer 🙂


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