Note Taking Software

Question for anyone out there: I’m looking for something that’s like for taking notes, but I don’t want to have to input a hyperlink. Basically, I want to be able to type a note and add a whole mess of tags (which will autofill from my previously used tags) and save it, either locally or to a remote server.

Oh, and if it’s local, it’s got to run on OS X.

Contenders so far: Google Notebook, Tiddlywiki, Notational Velocity… but none of them do the kind of tagging that I want. I’ve also looked at, an open-source clone of its more famous cousin, but I think you’re required to input a URL.

The other option I’ve considered so far is setting up a static Web page to link to every time I post to, just adding different tags and different notes to each bookmark. I would then import the tag clouds onto the static Web page so it would act as a kind of index to the whole operation.

Other suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Note Taking Software

  1. What I am looking for is tagging, where the interface will auto-fill categories that the user has already created. From experimenting with it, Tiddlywiki doesn’t offer that feature.

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