This week, Apple sold its millionth iPhone and Wikipedia published its two millionth article.

More interesting, however, is this note from the Wikimedia Foundation’s press site (which, sadly, lacks and RSS feed). In April, Wikipedia released version 0.5 of itself on CD–and slap me for not noticing this earlier, but as I said, no RSS feed.

Wikipedia Version 0.5 is a collection of nearly 2,000 articles from the online encyclopedia (in English) that is the first in what the nonprofit hopes will be “many such collections.”

Customers can either buy a disc of the articles ($15.44) or download it freely.

A snapshot of the Wikipedia frozen in time? “Using software developed by Linterweb, Wikipedia chose articles based on criteria for quality and importance set by the community. Topics covered include, among others, geography, arts, literature, science, history, and natural sciences. Users can browse articles using a built-in search engine or by surfing navigational pages.”

When they put out new collections, will the update the articles already included, if they have changed substantially (or not substantially)? Or will they move on to new topics, leaving the old ones to rot?


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