Social Networks Limit Interaction

Michael Geist writes for the BBC:

Unlike the global internet, which enables virtually the entire world to connect, social networks have created very large, localised communities with far more limited international interaction.


2 thoughts on “Social Networks Limit Interaction

  1. Interesting, but personally I think that the existence of localising communities online is a good thing. The internet still globalises overall, but it allows people to find local friends as well, by switching tools.

    And while I agree that interlinking social networking sites would be a good thing, I don’t think any of those mentioned would truly facilitate global networking even when interlinked. Global social networking sites exist in things like Stumbleupon, where the point is the online interaction. But in things like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo the point is that the online interaction facilitates personal interaction.

  2. Personally, I’m not so impressed with any of the major social networking sites. I was so disappointed with MySpace that I recently canceled my account there; I suppose that’s because it wasn’t what I was looking for–a plethora of spam comments and friend invites combined with a bunch of high schoolers posting their party pics… not for me.

    Facebook is somewhat better, but I wouldn’t even use it if it weren’t for the “Post to Facebook” buttons that are on most of the major Web sites I read (including my own!!).

    I want to comment more on social networking sites… but I won’t do it in a comment. Maybe a post on it tomorrow.

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