Mainstream Media Seen as Unreliable

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center this week shows that people who get their news primarily from the Internet likely view mainstream media (local television news, cable news, newspapers, etc.) unfavorably.

The study also said that those same people “are among the most critical of press performance,” seeing the press as politically biased and unsympathetic toward its subjects.

Most interesting, 43 percent of those who get their news from the Internet think mainstream media are too critical of the United States. (This bias was also divided politically; 63 percent of Republicans thought so, 23 percent of Democrats).


2 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Seen as Unreliable

  1. When I was younger I thought that the Pew Research Center was a place that studied bad smells. I now know better, but unfortunately a considerable percentage of the American people don’t–they actually study church seating arrangements.

  2. I wonder if we know that “a considerable percentage of the American people” think so because one of Pew’s studies told them so… A polling agency that polls is own vagueness of purpose–it kind of has an oroboros, snake-eating-its-own-tail kind of circularity that is oddly comforting while at the same time wholly extravagant and unnecessary.

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