On the Cusp

I spent lunchtime in the Emerson Cultural Center’s very hot Weaver Room at the “Imagine Bozeman” workshop, put on by the Bozeman Cultural Council. The point of the seminar was to get several dozen leaders of various arts- and culture-related nonprofits thinking about how to get the city thinking about arts and culture when they plan the community’s growth, but the message that came from the workshop is one that I’ve been hearing often of late.

The time is growing near when Bozeman’s nonprofit organizations will take some steps toward organizing themselves and harnessing their collective power. To what end? That’s hard to say because the organizations are so varied and deal with so many different parts of society. As one woman said at today’s workshop, it will be hard to get multiple nonprofits to put aside their agendas and work together for the greater good.

Yet I think it’s going to happen sometime this year nonetheless. I’ll check back on this subject soon…


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