Hypertext Timeline

Google Labs offers an interesting new feature: timeline view. Users can now see their search results in the form of a timeline. From Google’s experiment description page:

See results on a timeline or map. With the timeline and map views, Google’s technology extracts key dates and locations from select search results so you can view the information in a different dimension.

Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me, though a bit short.

Experiment applied: technologist Mark Bernstein highlights a timeline for hypertext that the experiment generates, one that he says is factually incorrect but popularly accepted. As evidence, Chris Boraski posted a hypertext timeline to his site that contains many of the same events: what Berstein might call the timeline we actually read rather than what actually happened.

That’s the sense I get from reading Berstein’s short post. I don’t know exactly what is wrong with the Google timeline, except for the fact that it was generated by a computer and lacks any real sense. But I can understand that Bernstein has what you might call an insider’s view of the history of hypertext, and we all hate to see the histories of the things we lived through simplified and popularized.

Still, I’d love to know what else should be on a hypertext timeline… Is there a solid, reliable timeline out there? Can someone link it to me?


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