Gardeners get up early. I was to cover a garden tool and plant sale that ran from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday morning. Being a realist, I decided to show up at 9 because these sort of things usually take a while to pick up, and believe me, if there’s no one there to talk to, it makes a reporter’s job pretty dull.

Lo and behold, I showed up at my chosen time to find 3/4 of the plants sold. The organizers told me that gardeners were lining up and snooping through the plants a half hour before the sale officially opened. They had so many early birds that they started selling early!

So out of the roughly 2,000 plants they started with, I only got to spy the paltry leftovers at 9. Crazy.

The other thing: the sale raised just about $550. Not a lot, but it’s still a big number for a group that only holds two major fundraisers a year. Sure, we’re not talking about millions of dollars here, but the $6,000 that the group gives to local charities nationally is no doubt appreciated by the beneficiaries.

That’s the heart of a small city or town, I think: the low-profile groups that mean a lot to the members and give what they can, no matter how much it is.


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