…a new wind was about to blow

A panel of scientists in Paris released a study Friday that clearly blames human activity for global warming. The report warns that the effects of global warming, mainly rising sea levels and changing local climates, will happen, regardless of the steps we take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming is happening and will happen for centuries.

The scientists, according to the AP report, worry that this report will cause some government leaders to surrender to the effects, saying something like, “Well, if we can’t stop it, then what’s the point in trying?” Thinking that way, however, could doom even more future generations to increasingly severe effects.

We need to act now to preserve the planet for future generations, and we need to see beyond these short-sighted politics. This past weekend, I saw the movie Children of Men, which depicts a potential future in which mankind has become incapable of having babies and is slowly dying out. Despite the hope that one pregnant woman brings, the governments and soldiers in the movie still look to use that child as a political weapon–they would rather use the baby to fight for their freedom while they live rather than to save the human race.

It made me sad to think that this is likely the way it will happen. We could go out quietly because those in charge of us lack the ability to see past next week (or the next election). We, the public, are not innocent. The constant pressure we put on politicians to maintain our way of life and cost us as little money as possible breeds this kind of thinking. We want physical benefits, so politicians think only of tangible benefits–and the future is far from tangible.

Even in a crisis situation, like the death of humanity due to sterilization or global warming, we will war with each other. We will fight over the resources that remain to maintain our way of life, caring not for the generations yet to come.

me = pessimistic about the future today, sorry


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