IM Gap

The AP reported Friday that teens and adults are increasingly separated by the “instant messaging gap.” Whereas many teens interviewed could not imagine life without instant messaging and cell-phone text messaging, just as many adults could care less about its existence. The evidence weighs in both for and against IM culture. Either it promotes multitasking and quick thinking or it detracts from focus and sincerity. Curiously, the article did not criticize or question the old-fashioned adults who dismiss IM. It seems that those dinosaurs who limit themselves to the new snail mail (e-mail) are beyond criticism.

I don’t have text messaging on my cell phone plan, and if I did I likely wouldn’t use it. I don’t care for instant communication, but then again: I own a cell phone, which in a way makes me instantly communicable.

Which generation do I belong to? I grew up using a typewriter and hit puberty with DOS and matured with Windows. Am I a dinosaur because I advocate simplicity? Because I value time spent offline as much or more than time spent online?

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