Rise and Fall of Blogging

The number of bloggers, commonly believed to be ever-increasing, will peak in 2007, according to the Internet consulting firm Gartner, Inc.

A spokesman at Gartner told the Associated Press that the reason for the slowing growth is common sense. Those who want to start a blog already have, and the dedicated writers will keep theirs up while others will stop trying.

But Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Fry believes that “reports of blogging’s demise are bosh.” The definition of “blog” is just to hard to pin down to say that the genre is disappearing:

“One of the chief problems with some chronicles of blogging’s demise is their confusion about definitions, a confusion that’s mirrored in efforts to measure blogs’ popularity or to say anything that can apply to bloggers as a group.”

Instead, Fry thinks that the ambivalent attitude towards blogging is on its way out, as well as the stereotypes of “bloggers” as either amateur activists or armchair analysts. Instead, blogging will become a catchall term to describe an easy way of putting information onto the Web, rather than a specific entity of its own.

The technology will become transparent. This interests me, considering I just finished a paper that deals, in part, with technological transparency. Perhaps more will come…


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