Digital Media Doctorate

While doing a little Web searching on Jay David Bolter this morning, I decided to click on a link to his personal home page at Georgia Tech. Of course, being me, I then took a few extra letters off that URL and went to his departmental home page. There I found out that Georgia Tech offers a Ph.D. in Digital Media. This fascinates me for two reasons.

First, I have a great interest in the humanities but I’m also sort of a coding nut (I loved learning HTML and CSS). From what I read, the program examines the ways in which the humanities intersect with digital media and culture. Very exciting! It doesn’t hurt that Bolter is on the faculty there either.

Second, my girlfriend hates the cold. Maybe if I can convince her to come to Georgia, she’ll stop shivering.

Anyone have any thoughts about that program? Personal experiences? Advice or recommendations?


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