Testing a New Plug-in

This is a test post from a new Firefox blogging plug-in called Performancing. It works much like Forecast Fox or other status bar plug-ins. A small, notebook icon appears near the bottom portion of the window. Click on it and you get an editing screen with the basics, including a WYSIWYG editor and code view. If this works well, it will seem to cooperate with WordPress (and Firefox 2.0).

powered by performancing firefox

Edit: Okay, after posting, I noticed that the plug-in inserted the above tagline at the bottom of my post. Thankfully, it is an option and can be disabled. This plug-in makes me a little sad that I spend $20 on Ecto for Mac to do the same thing.

Edit 2: Now, after opening the post in Ecto, I’ve decided a few things. First of all, I like Ecto better for purely aesthetic reasons. I get an option of what font to use for editing. Second, Ecto has a spellchecker built in, something that Performancing seems to lack. For the future, I think I can keep Performancing for shorter posts and use Ecto for longer ones.


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